A Little Lavender Goes a Long Way!

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Lavender used to simply calm me. Now, it makes my tummy sing beautiful songs. This lavender chicken dish made my mouth water and my heart happy. As  I sat out under the covered porch waiting...

Holy Macarons! Amelie's is AMAZING!


My jaw dropped and I knew I was where I was born to be. It looked like something out of a movie, and I felt like the superstar. Okay...maybe not a superstar, but I felt pretty fabulous when I walked into Amelie's, the french bakery featured on the Hunger Games movie. Lemon, lavender, and latte flavors made...


you are HOW you eat, not WHAT you eat

Micca Lemon Donohoo, MS, RD, LDN

Hey hey hey! It's Micca here, and I'm happy to have you here with me. I'm a registered dietitian who LOVES food! My favorite word might be DAMN, and my favorite food is desserts.  Anyway, I'm not your average food lady. I know all the rules, and I don't follow them. I use them to guide my choices, and then I listen to my body. My work is designed  to help you learn how to do the same. I'll share my foodie experiences, offer guides and resources to help you fight the food war, and teach classes on how to eat mindfully & enjoy food again. Welcome! Hope to connect with you soon. 

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