What My Clients HadTo Say


"Ms. Micca - the long term connection that you and I share, is the real secret to my success. You took a personal interest in my story.  The humor, the candid conversations, the never ending support, the way that you have the ability to refocus my efforts, you taught me that flexibility is acceptable and encouraged me to think outside of the “diet” box....all of those wonderful gifts you have given me, are what I am so grateful for!!!  Thank you for helping me transform the relationship I have with food."  

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR DOING WHAT YOU DO!!!! I desperately needed some assistance from an outside force (cuz I been tryin to do this on my own for a while now)....Your Flexible Fork was the nudge I needed to get me focused back to where I want to be.  The support, the advice, the suggestions, the humor, and the “group” chatter..brought me the tools that I’ve been looking for to do some work on myself. I’ve been wandering around in the darkness for a while....but NOW, you’ve given me a flashlight.  Thank you ever so much!!! 

The scale has not been my friend for the last year.   I rarely got on it because it was always so heartbreaking to see what I’ve done to myself.    From October on I vowed things were going to change. I’d start off a week with such high hopes and by mid week I was losing hope.

The new year came and we joined the gym, I bought healthier foods at the store and I started working with Micca.   The last two weeks have pushed me and I’m so grateful. It’s nice to have a plan, it’s been great reading others wins and challenges(makes me realize I’m not alone).   I’ve failed many times these last two weeks but I’ve not given up, huge win for me! I know the scale is not my main way to focus on my victories, but I must say when I weighed in today the loss of 5.2 pounds felt very good.   I have a long way to go, but I will do this! I’m so ever thankful for the extra push and support I’ve gotten these last two weeks.  Thank you everyone and a huge hug and THANK YOU Micca!   I can’t wait to see what comes next.  

Thank you Flexible Fork!   You have seriously motivated me. I have not had caffeine since the day I quit drinking it . I have worked out regularly, at least 5 days a week.  Last weekend I started back on the elliptical, which I had not been on in at least six months, and I lost 5 pounds in the last 2 weeks. I really can't thank you enough!!